SBI WhatsApp Banking Service: How to register, use, get Mini Statement

India's largest public sector lender, State Bank of India (SBI), announced the launch of its WhatsApp Banking services as a way to make banking simpler for its clients. 

Customers of SBI may use WhatsApp to access some banking services.

SBI WhatsApp banking service - You must first register to use this service through SBI WhatsApp Banking. Send an SMS to 7208933148 with the text WAREG, your account number, and a space between them. 

One thing you must remember is to send this SMS from the same phone number that is linked to your SBI account. 

WhatsApp to 90226 90226

WhatsAppAfter successfully registering for SBI WhatsApp Banking, a message from SBI's number 90226 90226 will be sent to your WhatsApp phone. This number may be saved. to 90226 90226

Start WhatsApp banking

Send "Hi SBI" to 90226 90226 or respond to the WhatsApp message you just got.  

You will get the notice below after sending a message. You can check your account balance and get Mini Statement. 

State Bank of India offers WhatsApp-based services to customers with credit cards. 

To sign up for the scheme, cardholders must send the WhatsApp message "OPTIN" to the number 9004022022.