Mutual fund calculator: Monthly SIP you need to get ₹1 lakh pension per month

One investment tool that may help achieve inflation adjusted ₹1 lakh monthly pension goal

Mutual fund sahi hai

On return that one can expect from a mutual funds SIP of 30 year time-horizon,  "15 X 15 X 15 rule of mutual fund  

A mutual funds SIP of 30 years time horizon may give at least 15 per cent return to an investor." 

If an investor aims to raise ₹2.76 crore in 30 years, he should use 10 per cent annual step up in one's mutual fund investment. 

The mutual fund return calculator says that an investor needs to start the SIP with around ₹2,200. This will help the investor to accumulate ₹2.79 crore.

Out of these ₹2.79 crore maturity amount, the investor would be investing ₹43,42,642  

Over the period of 30 years and the return  from the investment would be around ₹2,35,94,709. 

On SWP plans that one can think of investing ₹2.76 crore for ₹1 lakh monthly pension for next 30 years 

1] SBI Conservative Hybrid Fund; 2] ICICI Prudential Equity And Debt Fund;  3] Kotak Debt Hybrid Fund.