Invest Rs 50,000 in post office scheme to get this much per month

If you are also planning to make money from money, this is a good opportunity for you. You can get good profits by investing in the Monthly Income Scheme of the Post Office. 

This scheme also gives good returns to investors. If you want a fixed interest every month, then you can invest in the Monthly Income Scheme of the Post Office. 

Under this scheme, you can deposit money in Rs 100 multiples of at least Rs 1000.  

If you have a single account, you can deposit money only up to Rs 4.5 lakh. 

You must be at least 18 years of age to invest in the Monthly Income Scheme.

Maturity period Under the monthly scheme of the post office, you can open your account for up to 5 years.

You cannot withdraw money till at least 1 year after depositing money here. 

Under this scheme, you will get an interest of 6.6 percent every month. 

If you deposit Rs 50,000 rupees in your account in one go, you will get about 275 rupees every month and 3300 rupees annually. In 5 years, you will get a total of Rs 16500 as interest.