Banks offering highest interest rates on 1-2 years FDs

With many banks raising their fixed deposit interest rates, this is the right time to invest in fixed deposits.

Here are the banks that offer the highest interest rates on fixed deposits for tenures of 1–2 years.

RBL Bank offering 6.5% for 1 year and 6.75% for 2 years.

Bandhan Bank offering 6.25% for 1 year and 6.6% for 2 years.

DCB Bank offering 6.1% for 1 year and 6.5% for 2 years.

Indusind Bank offering 6% for 1 year and 6.5% for 2 years.

IDFC First Bank offering 5.75% and 6.5% for 2 years.

Avoid premature withdrawal to maximise returns

Fixed deposit interest rates are higher than other risk-free investment instruments like Treasury Bills or Government Bonds.